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Favored Products of Songcatcher Dachshunds

These are all products and services we enjoy. We are not compensated in any way for adding them on our site.

Chewy.com: A wonderful service. They deliver right to your door, usually within a couple of days. No more hauling those heavy dog food bags in and out of our car.

MidWest® Puppy Playpen: A wondrful product, it comes in a 3ft x 3ft and a 4ft x 4ft size. The 3x3 is perfect for one or two puppies, while we use the 4x4 ones for our litters when they are weaned. The top opens up, as well as the side for easy access to your puppy. The floors are adjustable so you can bring it higher or lower as you need and they are easy to put up and take down. They store flat so they dont take up much room when not in use, and they are esily disinfectable. We absolutly love them.

X-pen: These pens are wonderful. There are muliple brands and sizes, and all are great. You can use them alone for a small holding pen, or you can add multiple together to have a larger play area.

We feed, and highly recomend BilJac Adult Select. It is wonderful, and our dog thrive on it.

The first food our puppies get, besides their mothers milk, is BJ's Raw Pet Food.

When we transition them to a kibble, we use Biljac Puppy. It is higly digestable and easier for their stomaches to get used to.

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