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Customer Commentary

We love hearing from our past puppy families. Here are a few clients' comments on our Songcatcher Dachshunds.

Hi guys,

Punky is doing very well! He is such a wonderful and smart little guy! Sometimes too smart…Wanted to send you some pictures to check in! I will send more soon!


Hi Jake and Josh
Little Elsa’s nose is fading. Not so black anymore. She is outside more for daily walks now that the smoke is gone. She hates cars going by. In the back yard she does her sit stay etc well, but is too afraid to do them out front on walks. Too distracted. She walks pretty well on lead but is scared. she will get use to it with daily exposure, she was shaking at first. Now just nervous. She is a good girl. Sweet. Beautiful.
We brought her inside to the den with Clover 2 nights ago. She is doing ok. First night we had to tell her quiet go to bed 3 times during the night. Last night she Slept till she heard Walter get up. We have a noise machine in the room and we put a heartbeat puppy in with her last night. It seemed to help. We are glad she is inside.

Hi Jake and Josh!

Genie had a great first night in the house. She's eating, drinking, playing, and sleeping like a champ. She knows to only use the newspaper in her pen to go potty, so thank you for that head start! I've attached a sleepy photo for you.

Thank you so much again for this beautiful pup. As she grows I'll be sure to keep you updated.

Alex & Dan

Day/ night one went pretty good. Leon has a good appetite and seems happy. He wants to be right next to me at all times or he cries loudly. That is to be expected though as he's scared. My older dog Elliot is a bit put out. He's not aggressive just distant and seems a little sad. Leon is eager for him to return his love. The cat is acting like I brought home a creature from outter space but she will come around.

We just adore him so much and hope the other animal family members come around soon.

Thank you so much for such a happy and healthy little guy.

Jennifer B

I was thinking about you guys today. I wanted to let you know we love Remy so much. He is a very sweet boy who goes crazy for toys. He is also very snuggly. He wakes up every morning and climbs up onto whoever’s chest he is sleeping with to say good morning. Our lives would not be the same without him he sparks so much joy.

Aletha S.

Hello Jake & Josh!

Pickle is 1 year old today! Passing along her adorable birthday photo as well as an updated photo of PeeWee & Pickle together this morning. They are just gorgeous dachshunds with the softest and smoothest coats…..they get compliments everywhere they go!

Molly & fam

Elsa loves her snoopy blanket. It’s not as soft as she is though.
Katherine F

This is Mickey. Such a sweet boy! Wanted you to see how he has grown! He is doing good!!


Hey Jake,
Looks like you guys have been very busy over at Songcatchers. Just wanted to send you some photos of Ringo our chocolate and tan long hair who was born on September 13 last year from Jolene and Joker.
He’s been doing very well and we couldn’t be happier. Classic dachshund combination of fun, loyal and mischievous.


Pretzel turned 1 today! He’s doing great and has been traveling a bunch this summer. He loves his routine at home, but also loves car rides and adventures too. He’s been the best dog and we love him so much!
Sydney and Ryan K

Good evening Jake and Josh!

Last November I drove out to Sacramento to pick up a sweet 4 month old dapple boy. You had thought about keeping him for breeding, but I was SUPER fortunate you got some other dogs and so released him.

He has been a TRUE GIFT. He is really intelligent and can rings bells and do all sorts of commands, he is the most cuddly, loyal little man, always in our laps or at our feet, he is healthy and GORGEOUS. He is great off leash at dog beaches and eats out at patio restaurants like a little gentleman. He hikes miles and is great with other dogs. He is a perfect angel!

He turned 1 years old in August and we celebrated him. My husband and I felt we should also reach out and give you an update and express our heartfelt gratitude.

Thank-you for enriching our lives! Take care.

Julie F.

Thank you again for him!! His name is Arlo and he is settling in well, he is such a sweetheart and I couldn’t have asked for a better pup!

Hi guys!

Clancy will be four months on Sunday and we'll have have him for two months tomorrow.

What a great puppy! So loving and playful.


Sid, Lynne, Jocie and Clancy


Louie’s one spoiled little boy. I love him so much.

Thank you

Hi Jake
These 2 love each other.
Inseparable. Fighter biter play.


A picture of Posey May

Anne H.

Just wanted to check in to let you know that our new puppy is doing well and growing quickly. We are working on house training our little girl and we’re making some progress.

Hopefully all is well with your family and your herd of puppies.
Dan D


Hard to believe she’s almost one. She’s doing well and is loved.


Hi there

Just wanted to send you both a couple photos now that it’s been just over a year since I picked up Becky on August 2. Here’s a picture from her birthday (she didn’t care for the hat) and another from her gotcha day (nap time). She’s a very good dog, and she loves cuddles and naps. Very mature for her age! Hope you’re both doing well.

Reese H.

Jaxson is so sweet. I hope you are safe and not getting too much smoke.


Good afternoon Jake

Just wanted to send a picture of our little Louie. He is so precious. Thank you so much for giving us this bundle of joy. He is doing great. Sleeps all night in his crate and does pretty good using the potty pads.

We are going to work on him bitting and chewing on everything but his toys. Lol. He finds so much more taste and fun with the things he shouldn’t be chewing on.

Again thank you. We love him so very much.

Khrystal and Dallas

Hi Jake and Josh,

We had Clancy at the vet Monday for his 11-week shots and he's now a strapping 6 pounds. He's quadrupled his weight in 3 weeks.

He continues to thrive, loving and being loved more each day. He owns the backyard {and the couch) now!

Thanks again for the great puppy!

The Hersh family

Hello! First vet appointment and second shots today- Smokey is a delight and fitting right in the family! He is either getting up once or not at all at night for potty, and is such a good boy about sleeping in the crate at night.

Will keep you posted as he grows- we all love him!


Hello Josh and Jake,

Just wanted you to know that Dory had her first birthday - she is still the energetic little "diva" you said she was. Loves to take long walks, sniff everything along the way. and get attention from anyone nearby. She is very loving and a great companion. She hops up to the back of the sofa and wraps herself around my neck when I am reading or watching TV.

Thanks so much for bringing her into my life.

Susan W

Hi Jake

Hi Jake and Josh.
The girls are getting along so well. They played gentle tug of war with the blue dog today. Clover lets Elsa take every toy. They are cute together. They look for each other. It’s amazing how Clover brings Elsa her toys. If Elsa wants it Clover gives it to her. Elsa wants anything Clover shows an interest in. Elsa is very curious about everything. Clover wants in Elsa’s crate. Wants to steal Elsa’s stuffed bed time dog. That’s the only toy off limits to Clover. Clover has a big blue rat in her crate that is her bed time toy and off limits to Elsa. They seem very comfortable together. Played gentle tug with a little blue dog toy today. Clover has been pretty cautious about Elsa. Jumps over rather than run into her. No rowdy play yet. Elsa is too young for that. Clover is a muscular girl. Does not realize her own strength so I am glad she is easy with Elsa. We have a crusoe dog Ramp at the foot of the bed and by the couch. Hospital washable pee pads and toys all over the bed and the couch. Elsa’s crate is on the bed till she is comfortable being here then it will be beside the bed.
Dogs rule around here.

Hi Jake & Josh,

Just wanted to drop you guys a quick note to say how much we love Clancy! He's adjusted well, seems to like it here, and can't get enough of us (especially me)! Here are some pictures. Feel free to use them on your website.

Thanks again for the great puppy,

Sid & family

Hi Jake and Josh!
Here’s Panko’s 1st Birthday picture! He is the sweetest boy and we love him so much!


Turning 6 mos in two days…. Thanks Jake and Josh for such a great pup. She’s is loving and very smart, great with all people and with our young grandkids. Loves to play with all dogs.
Thought you might like to see Sadie.

Thanks again

Hi Jake and Josh! Here’s an update on Mr. Frankie! He’s just the best dog. He loves going to the beach and rolling in the sand. I love him so much! He’s brought a lot of joy into my life.

I snapped a picture tonight of the two pups we’ve gotten from you and wanted to share them with you.

Our new puppy, Lizzy, has settled in and is a delightful little creature. She sleeps on our bed and we’re working on getting her potty trained. She has not had an accident on our bed so we feel like we’re making progress. She sees the other dogs go out the dog door and she seems to be getting things figured out.

We appreciate your getting Lizzy to us so quickly. If you know anyone who needs a recommendation, please give them my number. We want to help you find good homes for your pups.

Have a good night sir and thanks again for Lizzy.
Dan D

Hi Jake & Josh

Just letting you know that Dapper Dan and Opal made a very special little puppy! We named her Bette Davis, she loves her big sister Coco and she is such a HAM! Bette is the silliest, most lovable and strong-willed girl ever. We could tell from the minute we brought her home that she was raised with so much affection and attention.

Thank you again and we really hope to see you again one day for our next puppy. Please give Opal and Dapper Dan hugs from us!!

Michelle D

Hi Jake,
Forgot to send you Sophie’s BDay pic. She celebrated #1 on June 22.
She is a perfect dog !!!
Connie S

Here are some pictures of the male I got from you about the 1st of December 2018. Is taken on the 4th of July


Hello Jake and Josh. I just wanted to let you know the puppy is doing well. He is bonding great with the adult dogs. We changed his name to Murphy.


Hello Jake & Josh!

As you can see from the attached pictures, PeeWee turned 1 on the 22nd, and he and his little Sister are inseparable.
God bless your summer, and stay cool with this heat wave!
Molly M

The still shot was taken as she was sacked out on the couch. We got her to drink a little water and a small amount of food. I think tomorrow will be better once she gets her surroundings figured out. Thanks again for getting us this precious little girl.

Hi Jake and Josh!

On Rhodys first birthday I wanted to give you guys an update! He is seriously the best dog ever. We can't thank you enough for our little guy. He is such a big part of our family and still can't believe he is ours.

Here are some pics! He goes camping, hiking and paddle-boarding with us. He is super friendly with people and doggos and is down for all of our adventures. We love him so much.

Thanks again and hope you are well,
Hope and Joey

Hi Jake,

I hope you and your family are doing well! We just celebrated one year with Foxy and I wanted to send you a little update. She has come out of her shell so much, loves to play with other dogs, and adores the beach. I've attached a few photos too!

Thank you again for bringing her into our lives. I'm so grateful!



Thought you’d get a laugh…

All water being reused.



We got our mini dachshund (Ralph) from you guys last November, he was the shaded red born 9/20/2020, and he is the perfect puppy! He has been really responsive to training and his temperament is so calm and sweet, he gets compliments from people all the time!

Thanks so much! I also included a picture of Ralph below :)

Warm Regards,

Sarah and Edward

Hi Josh. Rick and I wanted to share a 1st birthday photo of our beautiful Xena Warrior Princess. We love her so much.


She’s doing well and loves to chase bugs.


Hi Jake and Josh! We are enjoying Zoey so much. She is playful and sweet. Her coat, colors and markings are gorgeous. She is the light of our lives!

Tori and Holly (Reno,NV)


Hard to believe she’s over 8 months old and we’ve had her for 6. She’s grown to be quite the little lady.


Just a note to say hi and send a couple of photos of 1 year old Bella, in Reno. If you remember, we picked her up on July 3, 2020. She was born around April 30, 2020.

Take care,
Kurt G

Hey Jake!

We hope this email finds you well!! We thought you would like to see photos of Glory and Ginger (the 2 red girls you sent in January 2020). They are lovely and such sweethearts!! With COVID we were not able to get them in the show ring as we hoped but maybe in the future when things start to get back to normal we can get them out a bit.

Be blessed!
Joni and Holly

Hi Jake,

I just wanted to send over a few recent pictures of pumpkin and let you know she is doing amazing here! She’s a whopping 11 lbs now. We’ve been talking about getting her a brother so she can have a playmate... let me know if you’ll have any new pups in the next few months :)

Michelle D.

Gabby now lives with us in Burleson, Texas. Getting ready to turn one on May 19.


Hi Josh. Hope all is well. Here is a pic of Hazel. She is the sweetest girl

Hello Jake and Josh,

I just wanted to let you know how well Archie is doing! My husband and I couldn’t possibly love him more! He’s the sweetest and sometimes a little naughty, but he is the light of our world! I hope all is well with you both.

Debbie S

Hi Jake,

I wanted to send you an updated picture of our sweet Tucker. This is him on the right in our new 5th wheel (he really loves camping). He just turned 1 on Sunday and is the sweetest dog we have ever had. We just couldn’t love him enough.

I hope you are doing well…we recommend you to people all the time who ask where we got him

Jennifer L.

Hello Jake thanks for advice on heartguard.
She is very active. Here is a pic of the happy owners. Have a great Sunday.


Hi Jake and Josh,

Hope you’re both doing well. I wanted to give you an update. Finn is absolutely perfect and growing so much. He just got another set of shots and weighed in at 7 pounds. I just also wanted to say thank you for giving him to me. I am so pleased. Below is a picture of him currently. Thank you again.


Hello Josh & Jake!

I’m sitting here having a lazy morning with two of the most gorgeous pups ever born. PeeWee & Pickle are inseparable best friends and the joy of our home....
I hope this email finds the “dachshund farm” having a wonderful Friday morning

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that Waffle is doing great! He is an instigator and gets our corgi in trouble all the time. He shows corgi her favorite squeaky ball and then runs away with it, so she has to chase him. Then she stars barking and gets in trouble for that. He is super funny and very smart.

Alena and Family

Latest photo of Dru. Growing fast !


Hi Jake!
Hope you’re doing well! We are so over the moon with our little Maple. She is doing really well and got a clean bill of health from the vet this week! Thought I would send you some pictures since she is so dang cute :)

Hi Jake - I want to let you know that Pickles was spayed on March 27th and she is doing great!

I have a couple of gripes about Pickles...you didn't warn me that she is a thief and hoarder...lol! We find socks, shoes, and numerous (I mean numerous) dog toys in her bed that she collects throughout the day. She's a funny little girl, she will sneak what she can into her bed and each evening I go see what she's collected for that day. She's a very good girl though and never chews up any of her treasures...she just guards them from other potential thieves.

Also, little Miss Pickles is an avid television watcher!!! However...she is very, very selective in her viewing!!! She does not like shows with children, babies, animals of any kind (read or cartoon), violence or active motion. When viewing any of the above she rushes the TV barking loudly and jumping at the screen...there is no stopping her! Therefore, my TV watching is now limited to shows about cooking and home decorating...which thankfully I enjoy!

Pickles is the sweetest and most loving dog we have ever had as part of our family!!! I must get at least 100 licks a day and she gets at least 100 kisses a day from me and a lot of I love yous!!!

Thank you again Jake for choosing us to be Pickles forever home!

Hello Jake,
I hope you are doing well. Stitch is doing great! He is such a ham and loves to lay on his belly while chewing his toys. He got his boosters and I wanted to reach out and ask at what point can he socialize with other dogs? It’s so hard to socialize him with everything closed so I have had people visit the house to play with him so he gets used to people. Big hugs to both of you! We are loving our new family member.
Michelle & Tejus

Thought I’d send you a couple pictures. Thank you again! Best decision I’ve made. Winston is doing great!


Clover is over 9 pounds now. Doing well in Dog School. She may end up with first prize. She practices and goes for walks every day. 8 months old now. We love her. Cant wait to hear there is a “sister“ on the way for her.

Hi Josh and Jake,

Here are some pics of Oona over the past couple of months- she’s a joy!!

Gabriela S.

As you can see, we finally picked a name. I just wanted to let you know what a sweetheart she is.
Of course, she didn’t like the crate and cried when we went to bed. But last night slept all the way through the night. And even went in it today to take a nap on her own.
She is learning to accept the grandsons wanting to hold her all the time. And our granddaughters FaceTime her.
Thank you so much for letting us have her.
Nancy R

Hi Jake and Josh,

Zoey is so sweet!

Jackson + Walter.. Jackson + Izzy

Hi Jake and Josh!

Georgia is adjusting so well so far! She’s peed, pooped, ate dinner and slept in her crate for a nap! Her and Peyton have been playing like crazy which warms my heart! Here are a few pics abs videos! Thanks again!


Hi Jake, Lucy(Elizabeth) is doing great. She goes with me to the park, to the food bank where I volunteer. My coworkers like to visit with her We love Lucy.

Nancy M.

Hi Jake and Josh,

Hope all is well with you both! Maggie is almost 10 months and we love her more every day. Hopefully, you remember me! My sister-in-law Alicia got Dory and Hank’s puppy and I visited with them in January.

All the best,
Christina L.

PS Here is a photo of Maggie!

Hi Josh this is Ashlyn. I wanted to send you a picture of the puppy! We decided to name her Daisy. She is doing great, we've literally had no troubles at all. Eats her food everyday and is getting better at sleeping in her pen day by day.

Here are some photos of Pepper on his 9 week birthday!



Zoey is settling in just fine. Just got done playing with all her new toys.



Just a quick update. Penny got spayed today and is doing well.


Hi Jake,
Update on Sunny. She’s doing great and up to 8 pounds now. Loves running outside and has learned a ton of tricks/ commands. We really love her. ??
Please put us on your waiting list for a Black and Tan smooth mini so Sunny can eventually have a buddy.

A little update on Jackson, he is doing well. Getting him accustom to our home routine. He is lovely. This is him with Walter. Love them so much.
Thank you so much, grateful.

Hello Jake:

Sadie has been with us for almost three months now and we are really enjoying her. She is very smart, lets us brush her teeth and clip her nails with no problems, and though she barks at Ken a lot, she loves to sit and cuddle with both of us. She loves the squeaky and other toys that we have given to her and has played with them so much, that some of the squeaky ones no longer squeak. She also loves her bed. A recent picture of her in it is attached here.

We are working on her barking at Ken problem and potty training and both trainings are going well.

For now, we wish you and your family all the best!

Carol and Ken

Leo is doing great. He did good on the drive home and is getting the hang of potty training and sleeping in his crate :) He is a sweet and playful guy!


Hi Jake - I, my family and my dog (Olive) can't thank you enough for choosing us as Callie's new family...she is the PERFECT fit for us and we couldn't possibly be more happy with her!!! She is so smart, funny, playful and loving and she is such a good and sweet little girl! Olive and her are best friends and have so much fun together playing, running, chasing squirrels and balls, and guarding our house...I could just watch them for hours together. I hope you don't mind but we changed her name to Pickles as it is just too cute to have Pickles and an Olive...she responded to the name almost immediately.

So far I've gotten her a wellness plan through Banfield Pet Hospital and will get her pet insurance, Healthy Paws, once she is spayed as the premium will be much less at that time. She has had her teeth cleaned, which went very well, and will be spayed on March 27. The staff at Banfield think she is such a sweetheart, which she is. Below is a picture of her taking a nap with me...she is my little love bug. Thank you again for trusting us to provide Callie aka Pickle with a good, safe and loving home! I think you would be very happy to see how well she has adjusted and how quickly she became a part of our family...we do adore and love her.


Hi Jake + Josh,
Jackson is settling in well with Walter + Izzy.
Carol S.

Hi Jake and Josh!

We named this little guy Pretzel. He has been so great and is so spoiled! He is so chill and loves to cuddle under blankets, but he also loves to play and gets the zoomies daily. He goes with us everywhere we can take him and sits patiently in his “car seat.” He is still a grazer when it comes to food which is so different than the other dachshunds we have had, but it is great! Thank you again for such an amazing dog. We love him so much!

He will be 6 months in two weeks and he loves the BilJac puppy food.

Thank you,

Sydney and Ryan

She's all grown up now and we love her so much! She is the spoiled princess of the house. She is such a cuddle bug. We also have given her all her shots, as we waited until she was an adult to get the one that was considered painful for puppies, so this couch potato is healthy and safe. She's sweet and on her walks has made several friends, she is never aggressive. We love this little girl!
Sydney S.

Good Afternoon,

Penny is doing amazing; it's crazy how smart she is (when she wants to be). I keep thinking how big she's getting relative to when we got her but everyone else says how cute and small she is. I had two questions I would appreciate a response to if I may ask.

1. Penny is 6 months old today. If memory serves, you suggested getting her spayed at 6 months and not waiting for her first heat or did I get this backward? Our vet is after first heat but will do it before if requested. I just wanted to confirm your thoughts.

2. Second, do all dachshund's like to bring sticks inside and chew them?!? It's one of Penny's favorite things to do; next to me chasing her for the stick. I do get the connection but even if there's no chase, in they come.

Hope everyone is well.


Hello Jake,
Sorry, it's been so long but I thought I should give you an update on Dory. I started calling her Honey as a term of endearment but then it just stuck so I officially changed her name to Honey. She has settled into my house so nicely. We go on walks daily, which she loves and she loves to chase the squirrels in the backyard. She is warming up to people more and more every day. She has been attached to my hip since day one, like you said she would, but we are working on crate training and so she is becoming more independent and doesn't need me for everything. She is such a good dog and I am so happy she is in my family. She had a vet visit today and got a clean bill of health from the vet, I will be scheduling her spaying appointment very soon. Here are some photos of her over the past few weeks. I am so happy with her and I love her so much. I hope you have a great week.
-Sloane D


It seems crazy to think this little pup is 1 already. We made a bit of a fuss of him on his first birthday :) he was loving the attention. I got him a dog treat cake for his birthday. He was not a fan of it so it ended up in the trash but at least we got some good pictures....

Just wanted to check in with you and let you know he is doing fantastic.

Hope all is well with you.



I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for giving me the best thing that’s ever happened to me! I purchased from you guys last April and we Just celebrated his 1st birthday. Jamie is really the biggest ball of life, he is so loved, and happy. And it’s hard to picture my life without him, so thank you guys from the bottom of our hearts, for they are sooo extremely full.
P.s everyone that sees him falls in love, so I try and refer everyone to see you guys!

-Taylor & Jamie

Dear Jake,
We just cannot believe our little girl Buttercup turned one this month!
It seems like yesterday that we picked her up from you at age 8 weeks. She has grown into a simply gorgeous little girl, and as sweet and good as ever. As you can see, she is quite the cuddler, and also a little clown! She has brought more love and joy to our lives than you can imagine. Thank you again!
Susan, David and family

Hi Jake

Just want to share a few photos of
Lollipop. She is so precious to us. So smart, funny and beautiful

Mary G

Hi there! I just wanted to check in and share that our puppy, who we named Oliver, is doing GREAT! He is sleeping through the night, eating well, and adjusting to our family environment beautifully.


Hello Jake,
Thank you so much for inviting us over today to visit the puppy. We are so excited to have this little guy join our family! This was the best way to spend Valentine’s Day and we sincerely appreciate you for raising such wonderful little pups!
We are so happy.
Michelle &Tejus

Hi Jake and Josh!

Wanted to send an update on Lottie, Belle's black and cream longhaired female puppy born in October. She has been doing great! She is incredibly sweet and playful and doing so well. We just wanted to send over a thank you for her along with a few pictures.



Hi Jake,

I hope you are well. I’m sending a 6 month update. Luis is doing fantastic. He’s a big boy now and is going to be neutered tomorrow. I just wanted to say what a great temperament this dog has! He’s so eager to be trained and such a fast learner. He’s doing great on leash and he has a very good recall in open spaces. He’s a smart and fun loving doggo and gets along with our kids so well. No biting or nipping even during crazy playtime. He also loves his crate and spends his time there, without any issues. We couldn’t have asked for a better dog for our family! I’m sending a pic from the beach - one of his favorite places :)


Hi Jake,

Happy New Year! This is Wendy M. Gus is our little Black and Tan guy born in 2018 from Pistol and Laney.

Gus is doing great other than not understanding why he’s not getting many pets from admirers during the pandemic. Poor thing!


Hi there! Just wanted to send a picture of our cute Bonnie.

Shelli and Brian

Hello Jake and Josh! Hope all is well for you guys! Mia is in good health and quite frankly, she is loving her new home. She has a big extended family and everybody loves her. I’m sending a couple of photos so you guy’s can see how much she has grown. Take care.

Ken and Alicia

Hello Jake & Josh!
Just popping in with a fun photo. PeeWee & Pickle are absolutely inseparable, and the happiest pups!
Wishing you guys a happy weekend ahead...


Winnie had a good first night. She slept through the night, and has been eating and pooping well!! Everyone loved her at the senior homee with my mom.


Waffles! First time in the snow!

Alena and family

Figured You'd like to see how Oona is doing! We love her so much. She is definatley not a chill dachsie like Ophilia was! She keeps us busy!! Shes spoiled rotten!


We recently had a request for some refernces and we reached out to the first people on our list to provide some. We wanted to share the kind references they provided and are greatly appreciative of the wonderful homes our customers provide for their new family members.

"Good Morning, I understand you are considering purchasing a puppy from Jake Zanocco. I can assure you that he is a great guy to deal with and his dachshunds are of the highest quality. We looked at numerous websites to find the right puppy and we were lucky enough to find Jakes website which showed all the available puppies. We picked one out on the website and drove to his place in Nevada City and took a look at the puppy we saw online. We fell in love with her at first sight, and we picked her up when she was old enough to leave her mother. She is a smart, active and lovable little creature, and we are very thankful that we found Jake and his puppies. She is a great addition to our family, after having lost two or our dachshunds last year to old age. Jake is honest and will answer any questions you may have about the puppy you are about to purchase. He’ll advise you regarding their care, their diet and medications. In short, I would highly recommend that you get your puppy from Jake. You’ll never be sorry you drove to Nevada City to buy a puppy from him. Please feel free to call me if you have questions.

Dan D."


"Dear interested party,

I would highly recommend Songcatcher dachshund. We purchased our amazing puppy Bonnie (attached) back in November. Josh and Jake were amazing the entire time. They sent us weekly pictures of our puppy and we’re quick to respond to any questions. Another thing that made us comfortable with Songcatcher, was payment was not collected until we picked up our puppy at a safe/neutral location. Below is my phone number if you want to give me a call.



"Josh told me you were considering them as your breeder for a new weenie pup. If you would like to call me, feel free. (XXX) XXX-XXXX. You will also see in the client gallery the updates and appreciation I’ve sent with photos of how Songcatcher has blessed our lives. I searched from our area in Washington to the east coast and back in search of a reputable and caring breeder. We lost or 18 1/2 yr old dachshund a little over a year ago and replacing her was a very big emotional adventure for us and our daughters. After getting taken for a ride by one so-called breeder and losing our deposit, I was hesitant to even keep searching. I came across Songcatcher and honestly only clicked the link because I really liked the name.??. Little did I know my email would be answered right away by Jake, and then excellent communication from there on out with Josh. They answered all of our questions all of the time and even called our puppy by name until we made the 16 hour drive south to pick him up. Josh met us at our hotel and was very professional and thorough with our precious delivery. They emailed 3 months later when our requested second puppy had been born and the same exceptional communication and happiness rang through with puppy #2 as well. My husband flew this time to Sacramento and back in one day and Josh met him at the airport for the exchange. Both our puppies, PeeWee & Pickle are not only healthy, but ridiculously loving and absolutely gorgeous! Our vet fell in love with them and said “you did good wherever you got these two”.

I’m attaching a picture of our babies from just this morning. They are best friends.

If I could afford it and had the patience for more pups I would get back on the waiting list and go through this process over and over again with Jake and Josh and their dachshunds.

Again, you can call me if you want to - we are in Washington state and anytime after 3:30 is fine - be sure to leave a message as sometimes my phone won’t ring at the house but it will tell me I have a voicemail and I can call right back. Email anytime is fine too.

I hope this was helpful for you in making your decision.


Jake, Josh

Happy New Year and All the Best in 2021!

Sadie, Carol, and Ken

It's Sharon (Jessica's mom) Just wanted to say happy new year and let you know how many blessings your puppies have brought our family this year. Óscar is a delight and such a character, he is a great match for rumbling and tumbling with our cattle dog. We just had Jessica and "Baby" for a visit and they are just the cutest things ever. Baby just follows Jessica around and they both just love each other so much. PS Óscar just got neutered and all went well, although it was sure difficult to keep him "quiet" during recovery. He is such a gorgeous dog, although hard to get him to hold still long enough for a picture

Hi Jake,
Sunny is up to 6 pounds now and doing great!

Tim and Erika


Growing into a big girl, 7 months and meeting snow.


Hi Jake and Josh!
We wanted to wish you both a Merry Christmas and give you an update on Panko (Valerie’s Cream Male). He is doing really well and has acclimated to our daily routines. We think he’s about 99% potty trained. He rings the bell by the door to let us know he needs to go out to do his business. We also have him sleeping in the crate at night since Thanksgiving and we have put away the x-pen.

Panko loves the water and thinks he’s a retriever. ??

Have a safe and joyful Christmas!


I haven’t sent you any recent pictures of our Lucy but I thought you might like this one. It seems Lucy likes hiding under the tree. If we can’t find her we just look under the tree and there she is. She is certainly a fun family member these days! We thank you for helping us in our search for a puppy, and Lucy and our small family wish you a very Merry Christmas.
Dan from Reno

Just wanted to share with you our puppy "Bonnie" is growing beautifully. She is super playful and a great cuddler. We are so happy to have her in our lives.

Brian and Shelli

Hi Jake
See how shiny Clover is now. Her fur has thickened and is very soft. She learned shake hands with both paws in the last 2 days.


Penny is settling in and relaxing. Happy and growing; over 6 pounds. Only surprise we’ve had so far is her leaping and jumping ability. She just launches sometimes. I worry about her back but there’s no stopping her. Oh, and she can’t have enough crinkle toys ??


Hi Jake
Clover is getting very good at letting us know she has to go out. She gets very agitated and bites at us without biting. So we ask do you have to go out and she runs to the back door. Weird way to let us know but we are glad she is telling us. She goes out comes in and settles right down. She seems to love her raw but cooked diet. She is very good in the car. Good in the crate when we are working and cant watch her or cant take her with us.
We are so glad the new food helped her so much.

Hi Jake and Josh - wanted to say hi and send some pics of Zoey!

She is just the best! She loves to play and give kisses, she loves treats and showing her belly when she’s excited :). She and her brother Dario became very fast best friends and they love to play. She has seen the vet twice and is well taken care of :).

Hope you both and all the Dachshunds are doing well!

Happy holidays,
Heather, Brock, Dario and Zoey

Hi Jake and Josh,

We hope this finds you both well and enjoying the holiday season. The puppy we picked up from you about a month ago, whom we’ve named “Tako” (means octopus in Japanese), is doing so well - we wanted to share an update with you!

He’s 12 weeks now and weighs 5lbs! He just had his 12 week check up and is a healthy, growing pup! He’s great with everyone he meets, and obviously everyone loves him.
He’s added so much fun & joy (and mild exhaustion) into our lives, and we’re so happy to have him. He’s so smart, and I especially love how snuggly he is. His spots are still there and actually becoming more defined as he ages!
Thank you again for this little guy, we love him!

We hope you have a lovely holiday.

Warm regards
Noelle, Chris & Tako

Hello ! I wanted to give you an update on our 6 1/2 month old boy, Remy Lebeau He is an absolute sweet heart. He sleeps in the bed with my husband and I. His favorite toy is a stuffed duck which smells horrible and is almost torn to shreds. He hates baths and doorbells. He is sneaky and will steal any food that you leave unattended. He is loved by the whole family and we cannot imagine life without him


Good evening Jake. We are so in love with our Princess Lollipop. (Lolli). She is perfect. Thought I’d share some early photos. As she grows I’ll update you on her markings. She gets lots of naps in our lap.

Here are a few extra. She is stunning.


Zoey is so pretty! She is 10 lbs at 6 months. She’s very spoiled. Thank you again!


Dear Josh & Jake,
I feel overwhelmingly blessed that our paths have crossed, and I will forever recommend you as the only dachshund breeder with exceptional communication, wonderful client service, and most of all GORGEOUS PUPPIES!! We set out on the quest to find two perfect pups of specific color, and you guys not only made this a reality, but our dachshunds are so healthy, so happy, and absolutely beautiful! We get compliments everywhere we go on how good looking they are.....hope it doesn’t go to their heads!??
On November 22nd we brought baby Pickle home to meet her big brother PeeWee, and they’ve been inseparable ever since??
Celebrating our first Christmas with our new pups thanks to Songcatcher - we can’t thank you enough!
Included some fun pics of them hanging their first ornament on the tree, and also their favorite part of each weekday - riding to pick up their big sisters at school??
With so much appreciation,
The March Family
Mike, Molly, Mickey, Abby, PeeWee & Pickle

Hi guys!
I wanted to email you and let you know that the boy is doing great! I think he is one of the best dogs I have ever had. Didn’t complain once on our drive and has been so great at home. The biggest sweetheart and of course a beauty. Thank you for what you do and thank you for our little boy. We named him “Million” ( Millie for short)

Thank you!

Waffles is settleing in his new home.

He really wants to play with our corgi.

Alena and Family

Hi, Jake.

Just wanted to share a current photo of our girl Bean. She is doing very well and now weighs 11pounds. We all love her to bits!
Thanks so much,

Tootsie is 6 months now and has been spayed. She is 9 lbs now. When will she be fully grown. She is a joy!

Roger E.

Hi Jake and Josh,

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Kenny and Alicia, are interested in a smooth-haired dachshund puppy. (They fell in love with Maggie!)

Can I please give your email to them so they can get in touch with you?

Thanks so much!


PS Here's our family photo for this year--Maggie is front and center--the best thing about 2020~!


I wanted to let you know how Murray is getting on.
He moved with me to Miami back in August and he loves it here. He came with me in the car all the way, although we took it slow and stoped in a number of places along the way.
I was envying him as he was asleep most of the way here when we were driving.

It took him a little bit to settle into the new place but he is doing great now. I literally can’t walk down the street without people smiling at him when we are out on our daily walks.

Training went really well with him and I can literally bring him anywhere with me now which is great. He dines out with me here in Miami all the time. People just love to be around him and he is so gentle and kind to people and other dogs.

Anyway he is doing great so wanted to let you know. I can’t imagine daily life without him. I’ll send you another update closer to his first birthday in February.

Hope all is well there with you and all the dogs at the ranch.



Josh & Jake,

Miss Pickle, much like her big brother, is an excellent traveler! She and Mike arrived back on time, and PeeWee got to meet his baby sister at about 10pm. After a quit bite to eat, she slept all night in her crate.....such a good girl! Big breakfast this morning and has been playing ever since! She is so tiny!!!
We are so happy - thank you!
With appreciation,
The March Family

Want you to know that Sophie is THE BEST DOG !
She loves going to the small dog park here in Healdsburg and is the darling there.
She will get spay in December. I spend the winters in Mexico and she will be with me.
I have given your website to numerous folks who have seen her.
Enjoy the holidays.
Connie S

Hi Jake
Clover has discovered my early christmas gift and absolutely loves it. I can see some competition for my blanket.

Hi Jake,

Luis is doing great! He’s incredibly smart and catching on so quickly. He’s well on his way to being house trained (no accident in a week and he’s potting on a cue word!), he already knows hit Sit, Down and Come commands. He’s a bit nippy with the kids. Gets very excited with them almost immediately and starts biting for fun. We need to work on that:) He’s hilarious while chasing his own tail (which I remember my family doxie used to do as well, and it’s the funniest thing ever).

He’s getting his booster shot this Friday, so we can start venturing out a bit more. I’m attaching a photo where he jus learned that he can actually lay down and sleep outside of the crate too on his favorite toy:)

Hope you are well!

Penny’s doing great. Growing like a weed. Over 4.5 pounds. She’s also a sun seeker; loving to sleep in the sun. I’ve never know dachshund to be jumpers but if I’m sitting on the floor she’ll run up and leap into my lap as well as always jumping over legs and toys. We’ve really enjoy having her in our life.

Bruce and Christine

Hi Jake and Josh,
Here’s an update on Sunny. She’s doing great! Eating sleeping pooping peeing and playing well. No problems so far. We are all so happy.

I was heading to work and could not find Lucy. Apparently she wanted dry sleep a little longer. She is a joy to have in the family. Hopefully all is well with you, your family and the dogs.

Hello! I just wanted to send an updated picture of this beautiful puppy we got from songcatcher two years ago! I believe her father was Endeavor and her mom was Jasmine if I remember correctly. She’s such a beautiful and sweet girl!!

Thanks Again!


Hi Jake just wanted to show you some pictures of Max he's doing really well and we just love him to death he'll be 17 months old in about 9 days. We came up to Indian valley for 2 weeks and we were going to bring him by so you could see him but we got evacuated in 3 days so that didn't happen maybe next year.


Hi Jake and Josh

Penny is still doing great. Housebroken and playing fetch (which is crazy for this young). We wish she ate more but she is eating with the ceasars. She’s getting more brave by the day and loves going under the ottoman in her play area. Can just squeeze under the edge but can stand up once under.

Best Bruce, Christine and Penny

Hello Jake!

Well, I'm a really bad photographer but I just had to send these. Baxter is 18 mos old now and his winter coat is coming in with lots of little 'feathers', which I guess will become more long coat areas in time. Last year his body and chest were still quite smooth. The changes in his coat (combined with his short legs) have made him into sort of a reverse dust mop! The leaf pile in these pictures comes from 1 (yes, one) potty trip outside. So comical !!! He's getting used to being gathered up and combed as soon as he comes back in (cookies help) but even so, thank goodness for my cordless vacuum, which is certainly getting a workout.

This little guy is our darling, we could not possibly love him more ??

Hope all is well with you and that the coming holidays will be wonderful for everyone at Songcatcher!

Warm regards, Lee

It’s almost a week since we got Luis from you. He changed so much since then! He’s so playful and active (though not in the mornings as he doesn’t like to be cold and is very lazy until 11 am). He eats very well and potty training is going great so far. After a week of training he does a great job of doing his business outside and he learned to react when he’s called by his name.

Sending you a Halloween pumpkin celebration with him! He’s already a big chewer so got to be careful with those shoes!

Thanks for giving us such a fun little goof ball.


Hi Jake!!!

When I saw your name, I thought it was you! Wow. I can’t tell you what an amazing disposition Ophelia (Ophie) has and how lucky I am. She’s the biggest hit everywhere she goes and makes everyone smile. She’s THE BEST!!!!

She is such a beautiful and loving dog, and very well trained and socialized, and pretty much comes everywhere with me. She was always able to be off leash in safe places because she has fantastic recall, and was easy to train (I spent a lot of time on that- very important to me).

Now that she’s going to be 15 Jan 1st she’s deaf and her sight is going a bit, but she’s still cooking and very busy and I still get stopped and told how beautiful/cute she is all the time. Her nickname is Bridget Bardot.

Thank you for bringing so much joy into my life 14, almost 15 years ago!!

Gabriela & Ophelia (Ophie)

Hi Jake and Josh.

Penny is so amazing!!! She’s so happy and playful. It’s super early but she’ll go to her pee pad all by herself. She’s eating well and loves her crinkle toys.

Proud Parents,
Bruce and Christine

Hi Jake
Clover ate a little breakfast but acted hungry and ate a good lunch. She is having a ball with all her new toys. If she chews something wrong we say no and she stops right away and we praise her and direct her to a toy. She is going on the pee pad well. She is a happy little wiggle butt. Nice to see that tail wag.

Hi Jake & Josh,

I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know that we are enjoying our new little puppy (Una) SO MUCH!!!! She is a sweetheart and full of joyful puppy energy. At first our 6 year old dachshund (Zero) was indignant about the new addition, but as of Friday she has decided that Una is a great new playmate!

Thank you so much for giving us an amazing new member of our family. Attached are some pictures of her, she has grown so much already!!

Kind regards,


Thought I’d send you a picture of Lucy doing what she does best—sleeping and snoring. She is such a precious little girl and so smart and so much fun. If you ever need a referral please have your potential customer call us.
Dan D

Our beautiful girl is 8 pounds, constant energy and very loving. She is a fast runner and loves outside.

Thanks for great breeding. Kathy

Hi Jake:
I wanted to send an update - Leo is such a sweet playful guy and we love him so much. He is great with our kids, and honestly I’m not sure how we would have made it through all these pandemic months without the distraction of having a puppy to fuss over.

Thanks again for giving us our little Leo! Hope all is well.

Hello Jake & Josh,

We pray the fires around you have been contained. Now if we could just bring rain to all the western states - Oregon has never seen fires like these!

PeeWee gets his booster today finally!! He is just amazing!! I wanted to send a few pics.....

Blessings for your weekend :)

Little Miss, is fitting in perfectly. She is such a good girl. We named her Poppy. She is eating good and no accidents in the house. And sleeping all night in her crate.


Jake & Josh,

Just had to pop in with a few photos and a quick update - PeeWee is eating like a champ, never had runny stools, and is doing awesome with crate training and sleeping all night. He got his first bath today and loved it!
The pictures tell the rest.....we love him so much ??
Molly & Family

Hi Jake:
I wanted to send an update - Leo is such a sweet playful guy and we love him so much. He is great with our kids, and honestly I’m not sure how we would have made it through all these pandemic months without the distraction of having a puppy to fuss over.

Thanks again for giving us our little Leo! Hope all is well.

Jake & Josh,

I just wanted to let you know that little PeeWee is a champion road tripper!!
We had such smooth travels with him! His time was split between the girls, & Mike & his crate - thank you so much for giving that to us!

Attached are a few pics of our trip??
Thank you for blessing our family!

Gabby is thriving! Great personality and such a fun little girl.

Hi Josh, it's Rick and Seana. Just wanted to update your family. We named our beautiful baby girl Xena Warrior Princess. She is eating, playing, sleeping and doing well with her potty training. We love her outgoing personality.

Hi Jake,
I got my wonderful wired hair from you over a year ago- Walter. I see from your web page all your pups are spoken for but wanted to reach out. I want to be on your waiting list. Would love a cream or another wired hair or another puppy with a wonderful temperament, to grow up with Walter. No rush but want to put a deposit down. Hope you are all well. Walter is amazing. I’m really in no rush but feel fortunate to have gotten Walter from you. Sincerely, Carol

Lucy from Reno is growing quickly. She is smart, funny, energetic and a valuable member of our family. We took a picture of her tonight sitting in front of the fireplace. Oddly enough, it is stormy and cold here in Reno. Thought you might like to see Lucy at her best—resting and relaxing at home. Thanks again for all you’ve done for us.
Dan D

Hi Jake,

I wanted to send you a couple up to date pics of Tucker….he is such a love!!! He is as mellow as can be…in fact I call him my mellow fellow. We are taking him on a week long camping trip to Oregon next month, he will have had his last shots so we can go on walks on the beach etc. He and our other dog, Georgia get along great!

We just couldn’t be more in love with him!

Hope you’re doing well!

Jennifer L.

Hi Jake and Josh!

I just wanted to let you know that we soo delighted with Archie! He’s everything we were looking for in a puppy. He’s playful and outgoing and so smart! He’s catching on with house breaking and doing well with sit and come commands. Our other dog has fully accepted him and they’re so funny when they play. Thanks again. He’s perfect. Here are a few photos so you can see how beautiful he is.

Debbie S.

Zoey loves her bed, especially her stuffed kitty. She ate good! We get lots of snuggles from her and she started playing too. Thank you again, she is very smart and we love her very much! We leave her crate bed open in a big 2 ft high pen when sleeps. She is happy here

. Phyllis

Hi Jake,

So sorry this has taken so long to get off to you! Just wanted to let you know that your adorable sweet girl (now named Molly) is doing wonderfully! We picked her up from you on June 13th and fell in love with her immediately. She has been the very best thing that has happened to my mom throughout this whole pandemic. She truly has the run of the house and is mom's best friend. She has the best personality and lovingly greets everyone that sees her. She has completed her second round of shots and is now able to be out in the backyard with my mom - she loves it. We could not be more grateful for all of your help in finding her the perfect little pup. I will continue to forward some photos as she grows. Thanks for bringing so much happiness into our lives, Molly is a blessing!!

Sue H

Hi Jake and Josh,
I just want to let you know how wonderful my pup is doing! We named him Archie. He did very well on our long trip home. The first 45 minutes he was nervous and did vomit a few times, but after that, he settled down. We brought a new large cheap litter box and placed a puppy training pad in it for him to relieve himself in. He used it twice!

He’s adjusting well to his new home. He’s eating well, loves his crate and his toys. Took his pill this a.m. too.

We couldn’t have asked for a sweeter puppy. He’s happy and playful and outgoing. We’re all so in love!

Here are a few of the many photos we’ve taken. We’ll continue to touch base periodically so you can see him grow.

Thanks for our new family member!
Debbie and Galen S

Hi Jake,

I wanted to send you a pic of Tucker…he is so darn sweet. He seems to be very happy and is super playful with his big sister Georgia (picture below).

Were just in love with this little guy!

Jennifer L.

Hi Jake & Josh,

I meant to send this update about Stevie Nicks when she turned one, and well, life got in the way. I guess that's what happens when a puppy takes over your life. So here's a 15 month update instead.

I just wanted to let you know how much I love my sweet/sassy little girl. She has such a great personality and mostly listens to commands (when she wants to).

Of course she is spoiled rotten, but she wouldn't have it any other way. I like to tell people that it's Stevie's world, we are just living in it. Everyone who sees her instantly falls in love.

I keep contemplating adding another to family, I'll let you know if I finally want to make the plunge.

Attached are some pics of her living her best life.

Thanks again,
Brianne E.

Here are a couple of pictures of our Lucy. She loves her back yard and the green grass. As you can see, she loves bed time as well. We are sure happy you saved Lucy for us. Have a good weekend sir.
Dan D

Dear Jake,

We could not be happier with our precious new puppy, Buttercup. She is absolutely gorgeous, with beautiful markings, super long, floppy ears, soft, big paws, and a coat that feels like silk velvet.

She is also super smart. She came to her name and fetched after only one day, and her housetraining is going super well.

Most importantly, she has the sweetest personality of any puppy I’ve ever had. While she is super playful, she is also really mellow, and loves to snuggle, give kisses, and have her belly rubbed. She gets along perfectly with our other two dogs, and with all of the children, including our one year old.

We can’t thank you enough for all the advice and support you’ve given us. You have been totally available to help and answer questions.

Thank you for this darling new member of our family, who we are all totally in love with. I would highly reccomend you to anyone looking for a mini dachshund.

Susan and David D

Josh, just wanted to let you and your family know how "Zoey " is doing! We started out with the name Daphne, but learned real quick it didn't fit! Duke is our babysitter and the two are extremely bonded. Had to buy new bed to fit both, didn't like the two cute ones I bought, they didn't fit together! She was to be my dog, but Jim can't resist getting up with her, so Jim has two on his lap! Here personality is strong, loves toys, loves digging, very kind as the vet would say! She is very long and starting to change color. She has been a true blessing and such a joy. Reminds us of our lacy we lost three years ago. Thank u for a wonderful sweetheart!


Hi, Jake, Today makes a year since I drove to your house and picked up Hope to bring home to Oregon. She is now my cuddle bug, snuggle bug, love bug, stink bug, doodle bug, etc. I think she is about 13 lb now. We get to the beach most days and Hope runs off leash if there are no people around. She loves exploring the rocks at low tide and running to the bottom of the bluffs and exploring amongst all the driftwood. I hope all is well with you and yours and just wanted to thank you again. God is good and I know this was his plan for all of us.

Thanks, Donna

It’s Dan D. from Reno reaching out to let you know Lucy is doing well and turning into a great little girl, and we love her more every day. She has only barked a couple times, and that was when our lawn guy was in “her” yard. She sleeps on the bed with us and has never had accident. In the picture she is sitting on a patio chair in her new walking collar. She loves to go for walks with her brother Sam. Hope you don’t mind an occasional update. We are grateful we found you and Lucy.
Dan D.
Reno, Nv

Ruby is doing great! She is very happy to be in our home. She no longer runs from the cat. She is so sweet and loves to sit by you on the couch.
She loves sunning on the back deck and is best friends now with our other dog, Odie.

Thanks for helping her come into our lives.

Maria R

Hello Jake,

I hope you and your family are doing well. I wanted to share a few photos of Ollie. He has been such a blessing to us. Hope you got our small thank you package. Have not taken him out on the kayak yet but he has had on his life jacket, and has been on the kayak in the garage. I am sure once we are allowed to go out more people will be asking me where I got him from do you want me to let me know about your puppies or adult dogs? He will have his first vet visit this Friday.

Many Thanks,
Lisa & Ollie

Hi there! I hope all is well. Here is our Heidi. She was born 2-2018. We love her so much and she makes us laugh every day. Be well!

Dianne G


Just wanted to let you know that things are going great!

He is absolutely adorable!

He really settled in today and we have a good routine going.
I decided to take time off work so that I could spend as much time with him as possible over the next few months and get him acclimated well, so don’t worry he is in great hands.



Hello Jake,

Hope everyone at Songcatcher is doing well and enjoying the spring weather!

Baxter turned a year old this week and I thought I'd send a new picture. Looks pretty comfortable, doesn't he? He was excited to get a 6 pack of his favorite Lamb Chop squeaky toys, and a handsome new collar.

He got a new chew bone too, but it's hard to tell if he really enjoys those since what he mostly does is run around looking for hiding places for them....over and over again! None of his hiding places would fool anyone because he finishes up by dragging blankets or pillows over them. Impossible to miss the little treasure pyramids he builds, but I do my best to pretend.

Warm regards, Lee

Hello Jake,
I want to give you an update on Ottis aka Magic, and ask you for an address seeing I would like to send you a little thank you.
He is sleeping all night in his create and comes in my bed in the morning to snuggle. (no training needed) He has rode in the bike basket a few times and did great. He is wonderful on leash (no training needed) just working on him sitting at coroners and went I stop to sit too. He got the hang of the dogie door the first day and has had no accidents in the house so I do not need any barriers to block him from the carpet areas. He is so smart and has been adjusting so well we can't thank you enough. He is a bit skittish of my parents but I make him interact so I am sure he will come around. As you stated he can care less about toys and he is not food motivated when training him, but loves his praise. He was so funny when he first saw himself in the mirror is his very vain and wanted to play with himself. It is been so fun watch him have new experiences and us both learning on the way. We just love him so much. I only hope he will be OK once we can get him around people more when he is on his walks he now stops to barks at people or dogs passing by but when I tell him it is OK he settles down. Ottis is getting the sitting and staying down too. He teeth look great I waiting for his toothbrush and toothpaste to come in is he used to have his teeth cleaned and ears cleaned? I just concerned seeing we are home all the time he dose not get separation anxiety but we have been trying to leave him along and thus far he has done great. He goes into his create during the day but I have to tell my daughter to let him be on his own they both want to be with each out all the time. I want to thank you once again he has brought such joy to our home in this darken days.

Many thanks
Lisa, Mya and Ottis

It’s been a while since I sent a picture of Lucy, but this one is from this morning. We were building a green house, and of course Lucy helped move screws and parts. It must have worn her out because she couldn’t wait to get in on her “comfy” couch for a nap. She is an absolute Sweetheart and we are grateful we met you and got her. Have a great day sir.
Dan D

Hi Jake wanted to send a pic of max he is 9months old now what a great dog he is maybe this summer we will bring him by to say hi hope.all is well we.love him.

Mark and Paula

Hi Jake:
We are in love with our little cream long hair, now named King Leonidas, or “Leo” for short.

He didn’t eat well the first 24 hours, but this afternoon his appetite seems to have picked up. I think he is settling in and feeling more comfortable. He is so friendly and curious and such a sweet guy.

Thanks again!!

Our girl is doing great in San Francisco! We named her Sonny. Perfect addition. Thanks again.


She's absolutely perfect. Tthank you so much Jake and Josh!!!!! She will be spoiled forever

Lori Ann

She’s becoming a big girl and is healthy and happy. She gets so spoiled because she’s so precious!
Sydney S

If you had any concerns about how well our Lucy is doing, the picture shows she is enjoying a life of comfort and leisure. She has gotten long and has the large paws and ears that you talked about when we first saw her. Once again, thanks for helping us with the new addition to our family. She is a delight and a wonderful little girl to come home every night.
Have a great evening sir.
Dan D

Hi Jake,

My boyfriend Karl and I picked up a puppy from you in August, he was the Julia/Dreamweaver litter born on May 21 2019. We named him Rocket. Just wanted to let you know how well he’s adjusting to life in San Francisco with his 15yo dachshund brother. He’s such a sweet boy, great with people, kids, cats and all other dogs. Has taken a few puppy classes and is so smart. We really lucked out with his amazing personality! We love him so much. Thank you!!!

Jehn and Karl

Hello Jake -

Steve and I are loving Wexie. She was named after one of my sister’s favorite cats, Wexler, and Steve created a website, Wexie.com, which my sister never used. So our Wexie is well prepared for future internet success.

She is smart and has been wonderful! About 10 days after we got her home and she had had another set of immunizations, the vet said to take her out in our backyard only for potty training. After a couple of days, she has been doing really well. She is sweet and a beautiful. Thank you!

We really appreciate that you raise such beautiful and wonderful dogs, and your willingness to answer all of my questions.

Thank you so much!

Joanne H.

Hi Jake, I wanted to drop in to give you an update on our pup - he is doing great :) . He cried for about 20 minutes after we left your home but settled down easily, and, didn’t get car sick on the way home. He’s settling in incredibly well, he is a little explorer. We have set up a potty-area for him and he has not had a single accident yet. He runs from across the room to go to his spot when he needs to ‘go’ - I am so impressed!
We have an appointment for his next shots on Monday. Still haven’t quite decided on a name... his personality is coming out more and more so we’ll see what sticks :)
Thank you again - he is such a beautiful little dog!

- Stacey

It’s Dan Dunham again from Reno. Kay and I got Lucy from you the latter part of October, and I wanted to send you a few pics to show you how well she is doing. She has adjusted well to our calm environment and lifestyle, as you can see in the pictures. She plays hard with Sam and collapses on the couch. She sleeps with us on our bed and is completely house trained. Thanks again for saving Lucy for us. Have a good evening sir.
Dan and Kay D

Hi Jake!!!
Just wanted to send you a note to let you know how loved our puppy is!!! We adopted the shaded red wirehaired puppy on January 11th. We named him Rusty and he just fits right in with everyone! His new best buddy are a white fluffy cat! He is my little shadow and I just adore him. I will upload some pictures to send to you. Thank you so much for everything! Rusty is just perfect!!

Michaelle M.

Hi Jake,

I am writing to let you know that I could not be happier with the little guy that I received from you last December – Louie. I don't believe it's possible for any living thing to have more personality and zest for life. "He's sheer joy" were my vet's words. He's alert, wonderfully active, curious, super smart – and also sweet, calm, responsive, and very friendly both with people and other dogs. I'm happier with him than I could have imagined. I'm very happy that I was referred to you; happy that I waited for him; and happy that I didn't let the distance between our homes keep me from choosing him.

I also want to acknowledge that it was such a pleasure to work with your son Josh as we were sorting out the transfer details. He was so kind, responsive, professional, and in position to meet me at the airport well in advance of my flight. Louie was clean, healthy, shiny, and calm right from the start. An airline security person, 2 flight attendants, and the guy seated next to me on the plane all asked if they could take his photo. ( : He spreads joy and exuberance everywhere he goes.

So anyway, thank you. Thank you very very much. Blessings on you and your family.


Hey Jake. The pups are doing fantastic!

Justin A.

Hi Jake,
Just wanted to let you know that the babies are doing well. They may look similar but they sure are different in personality! One is a lap baby...isn't really wanting to be anywhere else (Glory). The other is a little race car, doing zoomies all over the house and loves toys (Ginger)!
We h ave named Glory "Songcatcher Classic Inspiration" and Ginger is "Songcatcher Classic Celebration." We are crazy about them and want to say how hopeful we are as to their prospects. We will keep in touch as they mature and let you know what the judges think of them when they go out to their first shows this summer.
Be blessed,

Classic Kennels

Hello Jake, and best wishes for a good new year to come!

Thought I'd let you know how we're doing with our first dachshund. Since we've always had herding dogs we are often surprised by Baxter's reaction to things but we are learning that it's all about the nose for him? At 9 mos and 14 lbs, our vet thinks he's about done growing, very sturdy and muscular. He has a lovely coat, nice dentition and bite as well.

We take him everywhere and another surprise was how many people would come up to tell us they have or had a dachshund, or know someone who does, and share their opinion of them. There doesn't seem to be a lot of middle ground - people either think they're the most wonderful dogs ever or they don't like them much. When we first got Baxter it was a bit scary to have that negative input - impossible to potty train, don't like people much, inclined to be snappy, dig and bark incessantly, don't get along with other dogs, etc. Since NONE of that is true about our little guy I just laugh now and let those folks see for themselves how awesome he is!

Baxter is awesome. Healthy, loving, handsome, playful, comical and yes, a bit spoiled because he's so darn cute we just can't help ourselves!

Best regards, Lee J

Hi Jake,
Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Greta. She is so smart and a good watch dog. She is the cutest dog I have ever owned and her housebreaking is going very well. She has made me so happy in this difficult time I have been going through. She is a lot smarter than my previous dachshund who I loved dearly. So glad to have found a breeder in the area.
Happy 2020 to you and yours.
Ginny A

Our Lucy is really doing well. We appreciate your help in finding the perfect dog for us. She is an absolute Sweetheart and she gets along well with her brother Sam. Sam is 14 and still plays hard, but Lucy does wear him out after a long playful day. Lucy decided to take a Christmas nap. She is certainly at peace in her new surroundings. If you ever need a recommendation please reach out and get me in touch with your prospective client.
Thanks again and Merry Christmas.
Dan D

Someone won’t be having a Blue Christmas. Hope is adjusting well. She loves eating whipped cream out of the spray can with her siblings and is now challenging the Mastiff on the other side of the fence when she gets a chance. She used to run for the hills, but now she is mighty and fierce as long as no person is on the other side of the fence as well. She can now catch food coming her way, Yum. She is dawning a Jingle bell collar til’ New Years, as is the Butcher tradition for all canines from Thanksgiving day on. Hope you have a great Holiday season. Still progressing in her social skills with still a ways to go. We meet up with Matt and Hootie often. Take care, Donna and Hope Diamond Doodle Bug.

Hi Jake! Just wanted to let you know that Waylon absolutely loves the new little guy! We’ve been keeping a close eye on them, given the size difference, but they spend most of their waking hours playing or snuggling together. Will keep you posted on their adventures.

Marti and Alan

A year ago today you came to Truckee to bring me my sweet little dog.” Yeti “ is doing very well and we love her more everyday.
Our Phoebe is doing quite well for 15 years old.

Oliver is one in a million, Jake. He is learning so many words, now. Today, he finally understood “wait” at the top of stairs for me to get there. He is so funny, having a definite sense of humor. He laughs at me quite often, and makes me laugh at myself. He now likes to retrieve two balls, carrying one in his mouth, while kicking the second with his paw. Rather remarkable.

I have been scrap booking, looking at my history with dogs, including the 4 Guide Dog puppies I raised in 4-H. We had pugs and mastiffs on the ranch. Oliver is above and beyond any dog I have ever known.

I have been thinking about a sister for him. But, I could not do justice to two. Just a year ago, I slept for the first week holding him in my chair all night. I was so worried Terry would never, ever bond with a dog. How silly. The hours of training are paying off. And, Terry loves Oliver as much as I do.

I just bought Ollie a martingale training collar. He is responding well. It seems he is more responsive than with a regular training collar. I like the design. Still a choke collar, but a little different.

Carry on with your amazing pups. I am so glad I found you and Oliver. You never know when we might decided we need another.

Merry Christmas,


I got my red “Pistol Packing Pete” from you , and boy was he ever named the right name. I love my with all my heart, even accused of loving him him more than my husband and kids. Truth be known, I do. lol. Thank you for your time happy holidays to you also...

Hello, it's been two weeks now and our puppy Xena has felt right at home. She was very shy the first two days but has since opened up and is a little rascal. Her personality is lively, sweet, and quiet. She's a little bugger and we love her so much already. She has her own bed, a little harness we use so she may get used to it and not run around when she goes potty, and a playpen with her toys and bed big enough for us to sit in and play with her, in addition to her crate, which she will go to in the mornings and curl up in while everyone gets ready for work. It's her safe den, and it's cozy.

I can't wait to take her on walks once she gets all of her shots. We will not be getting the lepto vaccine, she is an indoor dog and it can be painful to pups. When she got her last set of shots she was sore and cried and it freaked us the hell out in addition to breaking our hearts.

Below are some pictures of Xena, doxie princess, settling in.


It’s Dan and Kay D. again from Reno. Just wanted to let you know that our little Lucy is doing well these days. Her brother Sam is a great teacher and they play hard all day long. As you can see, they sleep well after a hard day of playing. They sleep on our bed every night and Lucy gas adapted much quicker than we’d expected. Thank you again for what you did for us.
Kind Regards,
Dan and Kay D.

Hi Jake, Ollie is a delight. Sweet and playful. Just who our other dog and the household needed! Thank you!

Paula F.


It’s Dan and Kay D. from Reno reaching out to thank you for the beautiful little Dachsund we got from you on Friday. As you can see from the pictures she is well acclimated, and it has not taken her long. Our older Dachsund Sam is very good natured and they play hard and sleep soundly.

We’ll check in periodically and give you updates on our little girl. I will also post a nice review for you on your web page because I want others looking for a great little Dachsund to get their pet from you. Thank you again for helping us find the perfect Dachsund. We have named her Lucy and she is wonderful.

Kind Regards,
Dan and Kay D.

Hi Jake,

We are at the coast again. Oliver is the hit of the entire town. Oh my, he gets compliments at every step. He takes it all in stride. So adorable.

We met some super people that are at the RV park we are in. They are from San Diego. They have two small dogs that are so well cared for. They just spread the ashes of their long haired dachshund recently. They did scent work together. Very nice people.

I showed them your website and they were so impressed with your breeding stock. They said they are looking for another long hair.

If they contact you, I could say they seem to be very lovely people. I told them to tell you they met Oliver. Actually, he wasn’t out the door of our rig and they were coming across the street to meet him. He made you proud, as he was calm and so polite to their dogs. Jake, he is not a normal dog. Much more human than dog.

Just wanted to let you know. We tell everyone about your beautiful dogs, but, not everyone is ready to expand their family. I think you may hear from them.Thanks!!!!!


A Good Wednesday Morning, Jake!
I thought you'd like to see little Garby...who is now a BIG boy!
His tail all of a sudden grew 20 feet...or so to catch up with his long
body. Such a fun little guy, loves to play, and an excellent watch dog!
So good! He, in his puppy-ness. LOVES drip lines and sticks, and leaves,
etc. So thankful and glad to have him. And, he is enough different from my
little Dugan, that he has gained a very special spot with me, with German
Shepherd Bo,.(they get along so very well), and with the ranch and its
visitors. A super fun little man!
By the way, he will be not so 'manly' in about 2-3 weeks... :>)
Again, thank you so very very much and thank you for your kindness!
Much joy. Garby's mom, Ethel


Hi Jake just a quick note to say hi and max is doing wonderful he's 15weeks now a little spitfire he has brought us so much joy.

Thank you so much, Mark and Paula V.


I have watched you continue to breed and raise some beautiful animals. It was a stroke of luck that we were able to buy our Tobi from you.
He was not our selection, but a selection you made for us. What an animal he is turning out to be. Tobi is extremely powerful. He has to be
to wrestle with our 75 lb ranch, pit bull terrier. And he can hold his own. Tobi is powerfully built now weighing about 16 lbs at 9 months.
He is flat, board, backed and very wide and strong across the shoulders. He carries a wide heavy hind quarter. Of course kind face and eye. He seldom gets
two ft away from me day or night. He cannot snuggle close enough to me all night long. Plays hard and sleeps hard. Tobi would have made a
great sire. A great quarter horse trainer once said to be a stallion a horse had to be totally over done. Maybe that's Tobi. He is outstandingly built
everywhere you look at him. He is such a kind and loving animal that I cannot but forgive him for the shoes and belts that he has destroyed.
I can replace the shoes and belts, but never this little dog. I trust that you will continue to make others as happy with your quality bred dachshunds
as you have made me. With gratitude and highest regards,


Hi Jake, looks who's 6 months today, Gordon Tigger F. He weighs 12 lbs. and is beautiful. We are having so much fun together, just got home from the Oregon Coast. Gordy loved running on the beach and playing in the water, he thinks he's a water dog. He also loves riding in the car. I've had severial compliments on his build and long ears. I remember you telling me he would have long ears. Gordy loves everyone and he's not a barker. I'm thankful, I found you and your puppies. Gordy is amazing and has brightened my life. Donna F.

Hello Jake:
We are truly blessed with your dachshund creation ??. He is smart, affectionate, confident and easily trained in everything! Every day is enjoyable with this little puppy.
Thank you
Shar V.

Good Morning, Jake,

I just can’t thank you enough for your kindness and patience and for raising such an amazing little guy. His name is officially Garby and he is a very busy little guy! Very very fun, fetches, loves squeak toys, and is almost potty trained…poop is the hardest one to get him to go outside consistently…but we’re getting there. And, he is quite the watch dog…barks at strangers and even barks at the yard cart if it’s out of it normal place! :>)

He is truly a gift, and I thank God for him, and for you!!!!! I’ll send you a couple pictures of him soon.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ethel H

Hello Jake,

It's been a month since we got our Baxter so I thought I'd send you an update. He is 10 lbs, healthy, full of fun, loves people (big and little), rides great in the car and has learned to like his crate - but not his playpen since that's where he goes when I'm busy around the house and he thinks I should let him help :)) As far as we can tell he's fearless, and he's also VERY determined (okay, stubborn) once he sets his mind on doing something!

Our dog yard is big and there are oak sticks everywhere. I throw them for Baxter to chase while we're out there and a couple weeks ago I noticed that he always came back with the stick I'd just thrown. Not one of the other 1000 or so sticks in the yard, not the stick we played with yesterday, but the exact stick I'd just tossed. A few days ago I started throwing the stick without making sure he saw me do it. Jake, he's not even 4 months old and he hunts until he finds the right stick, is that a Dachshund thing?

Anyway, we really love this little guy, thanks so much for holding him for me! Best regards, Lee J

Hey Jake,

My wife & I picked up a female dachshund puppy from you on June 5th. I just wanted to send you an e-mail to give you guys a brief update and thank you for letting us adopt her.

We named her Lemon. On the car ride home she slept the entire way without a fuss and she is absolutely sweet to everyone she's met and adores our older dog. Our older dog is taking some time to warm up but she is getting better by the day and they've played together every night since we brought her home. She just had her second round of shots and was very good about it.

Overall Lemon is everything we wanted and the perfect addition to our family, we are so grateful you held her for us.

Thanks again,

Hi Jake, I want you to know how thankful I am to have found Gordy and you. He will be 5 months old the 5th of July and he weighs 10 pounds now. Gordy has brought me so much love and happiness , he is perfect. Several people have commented on his looks and how beautiful his head is shaped. He loves road trips and the perfect gentleman inside the car. I love it everytime I hear his short little legs running through the house. So far he's not a barker, I've only heard him bark 3 times. Jake thank you again and again for allowing me to have one of your beautiful puppies. My world is so much happier with Gordon Tigger in it.

Donna F


Good Morning, Jake,

We just got back from the vet…Dr. Garberson…who said he is in excellent health! So thankful…and grateful to you for raising such an excellent puppy. He is a ball of energy…amazing! So much fun…oh to have that energy again!

And thank you for the tip to not ‘answer him’ when he whines and barks…

Love this little guy…who I think the name will be Garbie (after Dr. Garberson)… Tyler doesn’t seem to fit him (wanted to name him after your road).

THANK YOU so very very much for your kindness and for all of your help and encouragement and understanding! He’s a keeper!!!

Much joy,

Ethel H

Hi Jake,

This is Wendy M. We picked up our little Black and Tan male, Gus, last October.

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with Gus. He is the friendliest dachshund we’ve ever had. He loves people and gets excited when we go for walks, usually rolling over on his back to try and get pets from people passing by. He went to many high school lacrosse games this past Winter/Spring and became the unofficial mascot! He travels well and will join us on road trips to Southern California and Carmel this Summer. He spends time with all of us in the house, but does favor our daughter, which was exactly what we wanted. She’s the main one that feeds him and he usually sleeps in her room at night.

Here’s a few pics of Gus:

Hi Jake,

I am so grateful to have this little boy in my life. Walter has such a vibrant personality, he is also the best at cuddling. Everyone that meets him falls in love. Thank you for giving me an amazing pup, I will definitely be referring people your way! Hayley P.

Hi Jake, Sixteen days and counting. Hope is doing great! She is more relaxed when going out every day. She loves the car rides. She is now my little "doodle bug", added to the rest of her name Hope Diamond Doodle Bug. She has become my grooming supervisor, much like her predicessor Snickers. She hangs out while I bathe and groom dogs. Small scale for the moment, slowly building clientele. Enjoy the pics. First attempt at the back pack. Hope to be able to pack her while I walk Maveric. Last pic of Maveric, Myniko, and Hope hanging out in the back yard. Her and Myniko are hunting rats ( I assume) in the yard together. Thanks again. Donna B.

I have been wanting to correspond with you for quite sometime to let you know how much we love our sweet little girl we got from you this passed December.
I was definitely worried about getting a puppy so soon after we lost our “Yoda” and Phoebe being 14 years old. But as you may remember as soon as I came down to meet you and the puppies that sweet little girl had my heart. She is doing so good, we are relieved that the tough Truckee winter is behind us and we can enjoy long walks at last without having to put a coat on.
We just returned from the coast, Monterey Bay Area, enjoying the beach for a few days, it was great for all of us. Hope all is well for you and your family, including all your furry family members.


Hi Jake, Things are going fabulously. Hope met our other Rottweiler, Laela, when I got home and everything went smooth. Amazed at the cat scenario. That was one of my fears and it went unbelievable smooth. She has followed MyNiko around and watched him jump up on things and she has very little reaction to him. I see them snuggling for cat naps in the future. Hope you enjoy this pics. Haven't been to the beach yet, but maybe later today or within the next few for sure. The empty spot in my heart is filling in with my new snuggle buddy. She wants me to pick her up and sits on my lap when watching tv. Pics are from our first night in the hotel room. I can never thank you enough, but thanks again.

Donna B.

Hi Jake, I am thankful for my new best friend. I never thought I could love another dog like I did Fred, but I do. Gordy has made me so happy, he is a stinker, but I wouldn't change a thing about him. Thank you for allowing me to have one of your puppies.

Talk to you soon. Donna F

Hello. After the death of our 13 year old dachshund "Penny", my wife and myself were not sure if we wanted another dog. We really loved and miss our Penny, and was sure we would be dissapointted in another dog. Our veterinarian clinic highly recomended tou to us and told us about an informal dachshund club. We got invited to a play day and were surprized that a majority of the doxies there were Songcatcher dogs. They were all stunning, regal and beautiful. Even though we were strangers, the songcatcher dogs were crawling in our laps and showing us their bellies too pet. Soon after that we adopted "Meena". Our little Meena is now a year old, she is everything we hoped for and more. We can thank you enough for all your advice and help.

Sincerly, Nick & Alice B.

Little Tobi has been with us a full week now and every day I continue to be amazed by him. I have owned dogs for the past
75 years, sometimes one often two. I have had some pretty good ones, but I have never enjoyed any of them more than this little
7 1/2 lb pup who has just kind of touched our hearts. He amuses us 24/7. He seldom ever wears down, but when he does he is the
most loving, docile little fellow you could ever want to be around. Smart as a whip. He inherited a basket full of puppy toys and he adores
everyone of them He will go to the basket and bring you one of the toys. Every time you throw it he will retrieve it and bring it back to you every time.
More amusing is that a number of the stuffed toys squeak and he has learned how to bite each one of them so it squeals the loudest. He will stand on his hind
legs even without treats. He just wants to please us and he doesn't need a treat to be persuaded to do anything. Seldom ever an indoor accident.
After just one week he will wee and poop outside 95 percent of the time. He is starting to communicate a desire to go outside and I recognize most of his signals.
He is starting to understand a few of the things I tell him and I think it is just a matter of time before he understand most of what I say to him. If I had
to pay for the entertainment he has given us, I probably couldn't afford it.

Sincere Thanks and Kind Regards~ Robert W.

Thought I'd send you an update on Huck. He is just about 10 months old now. He is cute as can be and so much fun. He is now in puppy training class. I have to admit that he doesn't look exactly how I expected he would. I would call him a soft wire, or a cross between a wire and a long hair. I run a shedding comb through him periodically so he doesn't look so wild. He's also bigger than a mini. I would call him a tweenie. He's now almost the same size as my Havanese (who he pesters relentlessly). The two dogs are relentless diggers. Huck loves water. He doesn't mind going out in the rain, he has a wading pool in the summer, and he doesn't mind his bath.

He is an absolute love bunch. I'm trying to teach him not to lick my face. But he is a very affectionate boy. He is the absolute love of my life.

Thank you for such a darling dog~ Jessica B.

O.M.G. Oliver. Are you sure you bred a dog, and not a new and unique lifeform?

This guy is just too much. We are at the coast again. He is a star wherever we go. People stop us. They cross the street to ask about him. A lady wanted to take a picture with him. And Oliver just takes everything in stride. He is a rock solid rock star. I am looking for a surfer shirt for him to complete the look.

He is doing well with housebreaking and leash work. He LOVES going in the RV. He is home as long as he is with Terry and me. Please, kiss Jasmine for me. I love her and Endeavor for producing this sweet little guy. If you have a picture of Jasmine and her pups, I would really like a copy for the wall.

When we get the right beach picture, I will send one. Again, Thank you for the best Christmas present I have received in my entire life. My Oliver.

Cheers ~ Joy

He has been home about 3-4 hours and kind of taken over the place. He adopted me right away and he now wants me
to pick him up and carry him everywhere. I never knew a little pup could be so cute and so smart. I have loved all my dogs,
but, I can see now see what I have missed all these years by not owning a dachshund. They have a personality like no other.
I may call you for another some day.

Thanks so much ~ Bob

Hi Jake! Just wanted to check in and let you know how our new little guy is doing. We’ve named him Waylon and he fits in perfectly! You did a fantastic job with him; he is incredibly friendly and doesn’t seem to know any strangers. Everyone who has met him can’t seem to get enough of him!

Thanks so much for working with us and meeting Alan in Truckee. He is really enjoying his new little buddy and although he isn’t Cooper, we see a lot of him in Waylon.

Thanks again! ~ Martina


We have settled in as if Oliver has lived here his entire life. What a fantastic little guy. Not sure the word DOG applies to him. He fetches repeatedly. He walks perfectly on a leash for his age. He shows attention to each of us equally and has shown fear of nothing. He is such a sweetheart. Oh, he seems to know the word“wait” and has gone potty twice on command, it is just uncanny.

Thank you again. You are always welcome to visit. ~Joy H.

I am 83 years old & have had dogs all my life. After my old lab died I wanted a smaller companion. I formed in my mind exactly the dog I wanted & started the search. When I saw the pictures of Jake's red litter I knew I had found the right ones to pick from. I drove up to see the pups. I don't believe I have ever met a more helpful & concernrd breeder than Jake. His pups were in perfect health with shiny coats, great conformation, good teeth & great personalities. I found the exact puppy I had formed in my mind. The pup is very inteligent & bonded almost immediately.

I highly recommend Songcatcher Dachshunds.. ~Gene M.

I wanted to send you a little update on little Jim Dandy that you so graciously placed with me. He’s been affectionately renamed Reginald Seamus, but we call him Reggie for everyday use. He is my little shadow who spends all day at work with me and is constantly trying to sneak into my bed. Often, he succeeds and is quite the snuggle bug. His other nickname is Houdini because he is always trying to escape from his kennel! He loves his toys and is surprisingly gentle with them. He has brought me great joy since he’s come into my life.

Thank you so much. ~ Kali S.

My mother Linda, aunt Elsa and myself visited last summer and purchased a wirehaired female puppy and a smooth red puppy. My mother and aunt live in England and are AKC carded judges. We were extremely impressed with your knowledge of genetics and nutrition, and with your incredible dogs. When you found out they were AKC show judges, you allowed us into your kennel! Even though you do not show your dogs yourself, both my mother and aunt agreed that any of your dogs would do well in the show ring. These two ladies are not easily impressed. I have since referred four other people to you looking for show prospects.

Thank you so much. ~ Cassidy E.

My wife and myself are small animal veterinarians. Over the years more than a few Songcatcher Dachshunds have come through our practice. All have been beautiful, well socialized and healthy. Last year we visited you and adopted two half brothers. You have a first rate operation, with large park like yards. All your dogs are super friendly and healthy. Your expertise in nutrition, breeding and genetics is amazing. Together my wife and myself have close to 40 years of veterinary experience, and will only refer customers to you if they are looking for a small dog.

Best regards. ~ Dr. Pat Simon DVM

My daughter Cindy was diagnosed with severe multiple sclerosis when she was 11 years old. She was wheelchair bound and had always wanted a Doxie puppy. At the time of her diagnosis, we could not afford a quality puppy. The Make-A-Wish foundation urged us to contact you. They said you have helped other children like Cindy. When we spoke, we were hoping for a calm puppy to help comfort Cindy and sit on her lap. You suggested a more playful pup to help her get moving and out of the wheelchair. You were so right. You sent us a little wirehaired boy with a lot of character. Within a week of having Sparky, Cindy stopped using her wheelchair. Even on bad days Sparky keeps her moving. Cindy now competes in 4-H obedience shows, and they have a wall full of ribbons and trophies.

God bless you. ~Sally O.

At my practice, I have seen quite a few Songcatcher Dachshunds come through over the years. All have been impressive, to say the least. I even adopted an English cream female I named Molly from you as a puppy. She is stunning, regal, and beyond loving. Three of my family members have also purchased puppies from you, and I am looking forward to adopting another myself. All of them are healthy, well socialized, stunning dogs. I'm honored to refer anyone to you, as I know they will get the best dog possible.

Thank you. ~Dr. Doug Times, DVM

Hi there, Oliver is a rock star. It is as if he has been with us since birth. We have been gone a week now in the RV. Our trip depended on Oliver’s ability to adapt to RV life. Oh my. He has learned everything we need him to do. Oliver has learned so much. Leash work is also amazing. He waits for me to attach his leash. He loves tracking. I may think about special skill and see if there is a tracking group available. On our walks, we are routinely stopped with smiles and sweet comments. He gets attention wherever we go. I am noticing many many dogs that behave badly compared to our rock solid Oliver. His behavior is all due to your upbringing. Whatever you are doing at Songcatchers produced this amazing dog.

Thanks so much! ~Joy, Terry, and Oliver

Thank you so much for this little guy. We love him so much and so does his younger basset hound sister. His name is Mr. Bundles (long story) but he has already started wrestling with Chloe his sister. Oh and he can hold his own.

Thank you again we love him to pieces. ~Shari

Just wanted to check in and let you know how our new little guy is doing, we named him JoJo and he is doing fantastic. He has an awesome personality and gets along great with our new kitten Simon who is six months old. He's very well socialized and extremely friendly, we got a harness and a leash for him and up and take him on walks in the neighborhood and he's doing very well. He fetches repeatedly shows attention to everybody and fears nothing, he such a sweetheart and we can't thank you enough for the new addition to our family.

Thank you again- Dan H.



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